I'm happy with my life and all my accomplishments by  23.   I'm 25 and I have a career that is starting out and still very new.  I've worked hard my whole being focused and doing what I need to do.  A lot of my friends use to say "Oh, you're so good.  I wish I was as dedicated as you were."  I was always so busy with school I never really had time to think about finding that one special person because my mind was set on one thing.

      Now, I'm working and doing my dream job.  I don't have anyone to share these things with.  I don't have anyone to come home to and tell them about my day and them tell me about their day.  When I first got hired I did have a special person but only for two months.  I remember being so excited that I had someone to talk to at night.  I remember feeling lucky.  I remember doing better at my work because I was truly happy.  I sometimes wish that I can reach out and hug someone, kiss someone, and hold someone. 

   I'm so very lonely and just don't know what to do anymore.

So,maybe I was more focused but ...... I don't have that one person.  I have friends but it is not the same.

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There is a difference between not having something and not being able to attain something.<br />
<br />
Your desire has been heard by the universe, I think. Patience and openness will serve you well.