Just Don't Fit In

My boyfriend and I decided about 8 months ago that we needed a change from the place we were working/living at that moment. He had been meaning to move but decided to stay (just to see where our relationship will lead to). I also needed to move because of my practical ( I didn't get the experience I needed to qualify for my diploma). Anyway to make a long story short, he told me about the management position he had been offered. One Sunday morning we drove 300km (±190 miles) to have a look at the hotel as well as the town. We immediately fell in love with how tranquil and picturesque the it was. He moved there 3 months later. I struggled to find a job in the same town where he moved to. But I moved about 100km (60 miles) closer to him. And two months ago we finally moved in together.

We never took into account, exactly how weird the town's folk are. And I struggle to fit in. Alcohol is noy my hobby, unlike the people my age. I do have a job,  to keep me busy. But its an office job, not exactly what I like. But money and jobs are hard to come by. I struggle to fit in.

I am so lonely here, as I have no friends. My boyfriend works late almost every night, so I spend most of my days home alone.

I don't want to spend the rest of my life, waiting my life away. But what am I suppose to do?

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

its obvious that you need to stay busy but it seems impossible in a new small town, so use the internet to find a support group or better yet indulge in finance information so you can make enough money with the little your making in order to have a goal of 6 months to a year to have enough to get out and do something else that both of you would like to do. life is a reality stage but in reality it also has many options for you to go ahead with with no risk . except people dont get the info or right info needed ask me and i will help because i care about people and helping .

Have you looked for a book club or volunteer opportunities in your area? It might help you meet people who don't want to spend their free time drinking or at least who have other interests...