Maybe It's Supposed to Be This Way

I'm seventeen years old and the longest I've known someone is 4 years. We aren't friends anymore. I have a tendency to lef friendships drift apart. No anger, no hate just drifting. I don't get along with my family. My dog doesn't like me much. My Lizard is cold blooded and of no comfort. The only relationship i've ever been happy in (that is, not lonely) lasted a month. Then he got arrested for robbery. Hah.

I have wonderful friends now but I can't talk to them. I guess I don't have wonderful friends.

I've moved no less than 11 times. I get impatient being in one place for very long.

But, I'm not the lone wolf type, because otherwise I wouldn't feel like this.

I am conversation-starved.
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You are only 17 years should not be having long term relationships right now. You need to grow up first...enjoy these years you will not get them back. Don't take life so serious. Friends will come and go throughout your life. Life will be what you make it.

You know, it is very possible to feel lonely in a roomful of people. It's a helluva thing when you technically should be happy around, say, classmates, but if you don't share a lot in common except for one or two things, you feel like that lone wolf who is not really a lone wolf by true choice. Thing is, these days, thanks to having my own wheels and the internet, I can better exercise any options I want to as far as relieving any lonely feelings. So I feel like I don't have much of an excuse.

I can relate. Honest, intimate conversation is sometimes seriously hard to come by. Try doing something you love to do. You could try and write.
May your future hold many moments of true communication.

o.m.g. this chatroom is like dead

They say "friends come and go but family will always be there", I live with my sister. Being there with her only sinks me deeper into loneliness. Can't talk to her she is impossible, I wish, I'm not an unbeliever, but I wish she could say more than 'look to good' when I approach her with problems cause sometimes that comment to me sounds more like 'look to god, because I simply aint interested in your problems', you can msg me if you want, maybe together all of us are not so alone. Best of luck to us all.

Do you want someone to talk to? Message me. We can talk about anything you want.

I have moved at leat 7 times and the only person I can count on is my bestest friend called chloe, shes the bestest person in the world but sadly when I was 6 I moved away and didnt even have a chance to say good bye and 6 years later in comp she turned up and was going to the ssame school and ever since we are great friends but still today people say I left her and didnt say good bye but I was 6 and didnt know what to do but it pressures me that I could of done some thing about it and we would be in the same place as before because obviously she found a new best friend and wer constantly arguing and chloe doesnt even like her that much any more x

Things are more or less the same with me relations in my life last for more than a few years..I dont know if it's due my mentality or if it's due to wrong choices..MSG me if you need Someone to talk to!

What kind of robbery did you do My dear friend Where u were taken

I know exactly how you feel. Its horrible. But I hope that everything will get better for me, as well as you.

Bleh. I know exactly what you mean.

Lonely people are everywhere. But there is always a chance (for anyone, any age, anywhere) to find thier soulmate. And when you find your soulmate I'm sure that they will never leave you. Friends come and go but family is always there. That's what I believe anyway.


i dont have any friends but i used to have heaps but over the years we drifted apart or maybe i pushed them away? its lonely been by myself all of the time. i have a lizard too! i talk to him so much i think he is sick of my voice!

Maybe it is supposed to be that way but only for a time. If we were not so lonely during certain times in our lives I think we would not value the wonderfull times when we do have someone close to share things with. Try to enjoy this time with yourself, you are certainly not alone in this world. Continue to treat others with respect and love and wonderful freindships and loves will come your way stay. You must have some unique experiences having moved so much, you are so young you are so lucky you have many wonderful times and people coming into your life very soon no doubt.

You have yourself!! You can't keep yourself company for the time being?? Just relax. Enjoy while you can.

O M G!!! that's shallow minded people for u, we are all "beautiful" no matter what, (remember that ├┐ukk")<br />
I am the same... (but friendship is earnt, a bit like trust love, @ respect) Friends are precious

I know how it is to be STARVING for convo. Believe me. But mine is cause I have a non communacative partner [if we are going to call him that today], and i am ******* ugly. No one wants to know me even before they actually meet me. If they would just STOP STARING AT ME and GET TO KNOW me they would see how much of a true, good, honest, fun friend I can be. But alas these are the days.

Hey I'm just like you. I'm 17 and although I have friends I haven't talked to them for months since I changed schools. If you ever want to talk my e-mail is

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Listen I've been here for 31 years and I think I can best discribe loneliness as self denile, we deny ourselves the priveledge of sharely ourselve with others. we walk this world thinking that no one likes me, I am too different. and what's wrong with me. but I am just here to tell you. you are loved. I know you feel lonely but you are truely loved. I know you may say that who's this guy he doesn't know how I feel or what I've been thru, yes! that's true but God does. it's just you need to give yourself a chance to know who he is. and with that you will soon discover that you are not really lonely at all. and others will notice.

Don't worry; you'll find satisfaction in time, if you're patient. I know this to be true as I'm also a child of many moves - technically more times than I can count on our collective phalanges. I went to 13 different schools; lived in every state on the east coast, excepting Maine; and lost track of more people than anyone should. As it stands, my longest relationship (combined with my longest stay in one general place - not counting moves there within) lasted 6 years and was entirely unfulfilling since nearly every moment was "forced." My life now (at 29) is much more fulfilling than ever, to date. Patience was the key, followed closely by a sense of "self-satisfaction": the ability to love yourself begets the same from others with little external effort.<br />
<br />
Hang in there... explore your own mind for a while... don't concern yourself with what others think; rather, concentrate on your own thoughts... discover meaning... LIVE... THAT is the most important thing above all else.