I Feel That Everyone Hates Me

I haven't had a friend for more than two years.  This is partly because I switched elementary schools three times, I was a loner until the fourth grade, and a lot of the people at my first two elementaries moved (as they were adjacent to a university).  I had a bunch of good friends in the 7th grade, though they started complaining about everything I did in the 8th grade.  I found some new people, but one of them started beating me up, then came back a few months later and talked with me liked nothing happened.  In the 9th grade, couldn't find anyone.  In the 10th grade, there was this girl that I liked.  However, I couldn't even talk to her without her telling me to go do something else "nicely", so I muttered about how I was a loser, and she changed her mind.  However, it didn't do much.  Another reason during that time was that I didn't do any activities, because the only thing that truly interested me was the computer.  I would go on it ten hours a day, killing my attention span.

However, I discovered electronics and woodworking last month which really grabs me, but the thing is, nobody seems to care about this stuff.  All the smart kids in my school do band and orchestra.  Our society expects everyone to be ultra-PC and do a bunch of activities that don't involve working with their hands.  In the 11th grade, I did swimming and track, but couldn't talk with anyone.  There was this other girl that I liked, but she at one point and told me not to talk with her anymore.  (I later found why she did it, which was her own fault, trust me.)  Also, I used to like school in elementary and middle, but they assign so much politically correct work in high school, and it's all symbolic, and I like something that's actually in front of me (such as the trades, though blue collar work is seen as inferior and manufacturing jobs left the states).

In the 12th grade, I liked a couple girls.  One of them wouldn't sit next to me anymore after I asked her to winter formal.  The other, I even lent a book to, but she isn't interested in me.  We still occasionally talk.  I made a friend who is a couple years younger than me, though he's always seeing his family.  I made a couple other friends who are always busy with homework, though.  There was this kid who I sat with lunch every day last semester, though he posted on facebook, to my surprise, that he was happy to see me gone.  He wouldn't give me a good reason.  I thought he was going to be a good friend.

so that's why i'm posting this.  Oh yeah, even emo kids rejected me.  Yeah., you guys are all really original, talking about death and wearing brand name hot topic clothing.  My dad hates me no matter what I do, same to my little brother and the rest of the external family except my mom, who is ultra-PC and doesn't care about what I say.

I am seriously thinking about moving to China or Mexico in the future, because I heard that people are friendlier (not to mention a respect for work and hands-on careers).  That's how bad it is for me.  What should I do???

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and you have been misinformed about china and Mexico. Everyplace on this planet has its own hell. but i understand where you are coming from. i wanted to move to china once too! living with a primitive society like the Eskimos might be a simplified social existence.<br />
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I am just now noticing that you seem to have some intelligence in your analysis and articulation of your issues and you have some drive to have a better life than your past.<br />
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and i am sorry to hear that your relationship with your parent is not well, and that you are having trouble making friends. hang in there and do what makes you happy. Also, alot of these things happening to your are building up resentment that you don't see in your subconscious. be aware that you have got to learn not allow this resentment to control your actions. you will find a girl that you can share life with and love.

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Well there is nothing wrong with blue collar jobs with respect to your dignity as a human being. in the eyes of God we are all equal anyways. it is great to have skills to work with your hands and if you like being physical with things. Good craftsman that do good quality work will usually always have money coming in because your reputation over the years will grow. Or after years at a company you could become a foreman or plant manager, or just the highest paid master craftman in your trade if you don't wnat the management job. IF you go to college you might like majoring in some kind of engineering program. but it is hard to give you more advice without knowing more about your situation, beliefs, etc.. message me if you want some dialog and someone to talk to. There is much hope for you. I wish i had asked for help at your age.<br />
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You are definitely making efforts as in you ask out girls and try to make friends. <br />
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Have you talked to any counselors at school?<br />
You have got to talk to someone about your challenges. This site is a good start to talk about things and can help give the information you need to make the choice to go to someone for advice if you have a tough time doing that. it is hard to talk to people about it sometimes.