i write a story to express how i feel inside. n people tell me to grow- up, that there r worse problems in this world. do u think i dont know the suffering of others that occurs everyday. the world is a cruel , horrible place, to often. i dont want pity, i just wanted to express my thoughts, not be told am a child, looking 4 pity. we all feel pain, we all have r sorrows, some r much worse then others, so why is it that u must be so cruel i just wanted to let my feelings out.

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5 Responses Feb 17, 2010

hugs not drugs :)


You're totally right. There are many problems in the world. Okay. Everyone knows that BUT What's related to you is what matters the most. At least that's what i've learnt. Keep<br />
Expressing and don't give a daymn to those who spread negative vibes. :) :)

Yeah, I emphatically understand ur inner feeling. I too have a lonely life and therefore looking for true friendship of sharing and caring. Ofcourse, EP is truly a great friend. Nevertheless show must go on, my dear friend. So find for a good caring friend and u will definitely get. I realized that if I share my joy and sorrow I get psychological relief. For that you require a caring friend to confide. It means a person who can really understand u and appreciating ur anxiety emphatically but not sympathetically. Therefore, have good friends, my dear friend, and u will surely feel complete with the fullness and brightness of good friendship. Wish u best of luck!!!

I am sorry you are lonely. You have a friend in me...