Looking For Some One Specialyo

I'm looking for someone to love me

Kiss and hold me tight

I'm sick of waking up lonely

Not sleeping through the night

When I wake up in the morning I want to see smiling grace

Curl up beside you and kiss your peaceful face

When I go to brush my teeth

Your standing there with me

I'll hop into the shower, and you'll join and devour


We sit at the table; intertwined legs

Eating our toast and eggs

Drinking coffee

Breathing softly

Somebody to love me!

When u get home at the end of the day

I ll be on your way

Yo u'll have dinner ready

We'll eat and watch a movie

Get into bed together at the end of the night

I'll tell you how much I love you, and turn off the light

Life's getting so lonely

I just want somebody to love me! 

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

How lovely was yr poem. I also want to find someone special like that. Does he exist? I have no idea and I have started to doubt his existance more and more each day. I hope that you find someone dear to you soon

I find your poem very touching. The child within you seeks the unconditional love we all seek. In my opinion, you might do well to cultivate your own happiness inside you, before you meet a suitable partner. Don't rely upon a significant other to make you happy. Too many of us fall into relationships based upon desperation and blind need. I'm all for romance but make sure that you bring your own inner happiness to the relationship; and make sure your partner brings their own happiness too. In my humble opinion, Miss Right or Mr Right do not exist. Relationships usually blossom in direct proportion to the effort, communication and understanding that the parties involved want to put into it. Sorry to be so clinical. I am sure that one day soon you will find someone who will want to cherish you. Good luck.