The Mask

the mask i wear it covers my tears , it hides the pain, when those i love r near, there r cracks in it know though, from wearing it 4 so many years, if i let out all my feelings show all my pain, i fear i will poison those that love me, so i keep on my mask, but when am all alone, it cracks even more n slips from my face, tears n pain, i embrace.

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3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

We all wear our own masks. I can assure you that you cannot keep everything to yourself. Whether it's someone you know, or an online friend, people are more willing to listen and help than you might think. With some privacy, concentrate on what makes you glue this mask on, and what makes you so sad. Knowing the specific problems at hand, it is much easier to organize what you need to do to live a more healthy life. Always, always, always, be positive, no matter what excuse you battle yourself with. I understand i'm saying basic things, there isnt a lot more i can suggest without details. Why are you afraid of poisoning the ones you love? They will help you the most.

There are plenty of groups on here that you can join in your lonely

so so sad. hope you find an outlet, if not friends and family, just someone. its not good to keep everything in. sending love your way...