The Story Of My Life....

When I was growing up I had the hope One day my life and this feelings were gonna change for the best, I was gonna be with someone that I love and loves me unconditionally. Seems familiar?

Well, none of that happen for me. I am divorce with kids, working hard. I Thank God for my job because I love it, and my kids that keeps me busy.

But at the end (or the beginning ) of the day I feel so alone, so undesired, that honestly I don' t even feel like a woman, just a robot that is just to meet other people needs, just made to domy job. that's it!

Seems like in days like today, the more I tried to 4get about the way I feel the harder it gets. I am crying... I don't even want to ask God why? why me Lord?

so many hard things I have gonne thru since I was little Why? why don't you give me a break? A big one! Why don't you allow to my story to change? until when you gonna keep me in your forgetfullnes? until when you gonna turn to me? and randsome me from this loneliness? If not would you at least take this horrendous feeling away from my hearth? the dead coldness that comes from the inside of me and make my soul shivers. There is no ending of this story ...Not today.



Iwantoutofme Iwantoutofme
36-40, F
Feb 24, 2010