Everyday The Same..

i awake, i open my eyes, your not there, it wasnt a bad dream your really gone. i loved you so much and tried so hard to give all i could to make you happy. but your not there anymore. theres no turning back. i gave and did everything i could, god knows i did. why would i be good enough for anyone else. so this is my life now . i smile with everyone, i say hello. but its not whats inside.. i wish this pain on no one. am i to be alone for the rest of my life.. is this my future, alone.. dont i want to held and told i love you.. dont i want to matter to someone.. does it matter if im sad or tired... who will care for me... do we not all need a better half. i want to matter i want to be loved... i want to be needed.. i want to show my love... without love i have no purpose... this is my sadness, does anyone love me... will anyone ever will..

diversinc diversinc
36-40, M
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

When you love someone..you give all the best you got... The pain will go away...only it takes time. How long? Nobody can tell. Yes we all need our better half...but at times.. we don't get what we always wished for.. Such is life. Someone will love you again... only when your heart is ready D.

Hey man...find some u can take care of...like an orphan child...you might think to adopt !