The Death Of A Relationship

We’re standing above the bed, looking down at the brutally scarred and bloody figure underneath us. “How did we let this happen?” I asked him. He just looked at me. His sad eyes told me he didn’t know. Sadness and fear fills both of our hearts, as we hold hands…my hand on his, and both of our hands firmly grasping the fragile, injured hand on the bed. Three hands intertwined, afraid of letting go. “I don’t want this to be the end,” I say again through a stream of tears. He nods his head in silent understanding. We’ve been visitors in this emergency room for months now, we both know that today is the end. The steady beep of the monitoring machine slows each day. There is no hope, but I just can’t let go. The thought of it makes my body feel cold and empty. We’ve only known the wounded victim for three years but it feels like a lifetime. We shared so many happy memories together, all three of us. Three years is such a short time, but each and every happy moment that filled those years was spent with both of the others who occupy this room. I can hear the monitor, each beep getting further apart from the last. I can feel death at the door. The sound of it makes my stomach clench. I can’t help but think out loud “maybe there’s some emergency procedure we haven’t tried yet…” Again he just looks at me. He is ready to let go. I am not. I am truly talking to no one. Finally he speaks “we’re just prolonging the suffering. Be strong, let go. I can’t stand to watch this anymore.” I know he is right, but it feels like betrayal. How can it end like this? In this catatonic, lifeless and pathetic state while we just stand here and stare? “It’s time,” he says again, “I’m letting go. Please let go with me.” As I loosen my hand, panic floods my entire being. What if this is wrong? What if there WAS some miracle procedure? His hand slips slowly, first out of the hand on the bed, then out of mine. It’s ending…I’m the last one to let go. The beeping slows to a stop, and our relationship dies. I let it die. We let it die. He walks out of the room without looking back. It’s over. I’m left alone to stare at the lifeless relationship that was once so young and vibrant. I’m alone. It’s silent. It’s over.

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

The ending but also a new beginning... very well written.

That is just so sad.

That is one of the saddest things i have ever read