Confessions To The Moon

I sit outside the darkness of the desert with only the bright glow of the moon for comfort. I light up my cigarette and inhale deep. I'm alone yet again.

With the smoke still deep within my lungs a flood of memories come fading back.

Everytime I had a problem or a worry I would wander out in my back yard and gaze at that damn moon. When I was the most vulnerable I would talk, cry, scream at that moon with that eerie feeling that it's listening intently to me; comforting me.

I remember praying to the moon about a boy I liked and how I wanted him to like me.

Flashing further into the future, I remember pleading with the moon for that same boy to take me back as his girlfriend, until finally that same damn moon witnessed the breakup between me and that same boy. The moon heard the screams of anger from the argument between him and I, and saw the tears that filled my eyes.

When the smoke finally left my lungs, the memories left too, and as I stared at that moon I laughed silently to myself and said jokingly, "it's just you and me again moon."

D3zi D3zi
22-25, F
5 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Ah, my moon and my smoke. My lungs send up an embrace to her with every exhale. She sees my success my failures and her darkness hides my tears when the world has forsaken me and there are no hands left to dry the obsidian streams from my windows to the outside world, etched and warped as they are. Yet my darkness holds me close, hides my flaws, holds me like no other. As my fiendish city chokes out the few stars I can make out, I am reminded of a simpler time when the stars stood still for me. And no as my life spirals out of control these dying stars drop from the sky, some crying for me as they wither and die in my hand. until the yet again, just the moon and I. Alone, again.

Yay thx! ^__^

The Moon is a wonderful thing sometimes, It lets me see when i work i work third shift and feel it every day thanks for sharing your wonderful story !

Thx for the comment. ^_^ We were both of different social statuses. He was the rich, care free kid, while I was struggling to keep up with his social norms. We argued alot because we were frustrated at the fact we couldn't understand what we both were going through with the stresses of adult life. He has never gone through the struggles I have gone through financially so he couldn't understand the problems I face on a daily basis. I also couldn't follow his path in life. I can't keep up with the crowed he is accustomed to. So basically we argued all the time until ge was fed up with it and gave up trying to understand. He broke up with me over the phone and I picked up my things and left.

I feel like I too have had a connection with the damn moon, I feel like it has witnessed so much horror and joy in my life. Your story really made me want a smoke right about now too...can I ask why you broke up?