The Cure And The Response To The Cure...


The Cure – By Pink of Sylacauga, AL

Do you know the cure for a broken heart?

I thought I did but forgot how to start.

If you can remember just how it should be,

I'd be quite joyful if you could share with me.

I hate sitting here all bored and alone.

I have no reason to pick up the phone.

There's no one around to tell me they care.

It makes me go crazy and pull out my hair.

I don't know what to do with all of this time.

That's why I'm sitting and writing this rhyme.

The glue didn't work, so I'm moving along

To this pad of paper and my favorite song.

My heart isn't better no matter how I've tried.

My pillow is soaked from the tears that I've cried.

It was all so sudden, the ending of us

Felt like I was walking and got hit by a bus.

My pain is unreal, I want you to know,

But do not feel guilty I'll just turn and go.

So if anyone out there knows how to endure;

Can you please tell me if you find the cure?


Response to The Cure – By cheerfulchuck of Portland, OR

Pink, what a nice poem you have wrote

I feel bad for the pain that you have had to tote

While I don’t know the cure for a broken heart

I certainly can relate to the bored and alone part

As I sit here with keyboard in hand

It’s because I can’t think of anything to do if I stand

While breaking up is hard to do

Being old and alone is no picnic too

My hope for you is to be young at heart

And find your life mate and are never apart

So don’t give up because to endure is the key

I still have hope to find the perfect mate for me

So if anyone out there knows how to endure

Can you please tell us if you find the cure?

But, while I set here all bored and alone

I think I’ll make a video of the Rolling Stones

cheerfulchuck cheerfulchuck
51-55, M
Feb 26, 2010