i once had a great relationship with the girl i love soo much but it all fell apart she was more than just my lover she was my best friend but i made some bad choises and i also guess time expired on us we were togethrt for years... so now shes totaly moved on she pregnant and im stuck wishin it was me that was the father of the child she havinv but i knw im not and it tears me apart all day everyday im not a social person and i dont open up verry often but i lost the only person i truly love with all my heart we been broken up for some time but i stil feal the same for  her...

besides that my sex life is frustrateing im not sure of my sexuality anymore i tried to be with other girls sexually and i allwayse lose my erection most of the time i have no sexual desire and when i do im not sure if i shoul even waste my time ... i ave a great job i make awesome money but im not happy i have no friends and the one i want dont want me

blix blix
26-30, M
Feb 27, 2010