i can feel the tears in my eyes, the pain in my heart is tearing me apart, i just want to break down n cry, curl up in a ball , but if i give in to the pain, let the tears start to fall, am scared i wont ever get up again.

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4 Responses Feb 27, 2010

I am experiencing exactly what you are experiencing as I am waiting for my divorce papers to come through. Try and stay stay for yourself. You are in my thoughts.

The amount of times that I have replied to stories like this,I have told people who are lonely to join one of the groups on here,or go to my website.<br />

I hope this pain goes away.. I feel for you. If you ever need to talk, drop me a line. talking about things always help. hugs.

I feel for you. If you were nearby I could hold your hand, because I need to hold on to someone's hand too. Thinking of you.