Lonely In A Big City

I moved to a new city on October and since then I didn't make any new friends or had any contact with old friends. Most of the time I'm at home, surfing the net...I thought that things would be different in a new city.

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do a google search for shy group or meet friends...get creative! They are out there, You are not alone!

Thanks for the help, I didn't know about meetup.com it's a really cool site unfortunately it isn't well known in my country (Greece) and my city has only 4 groups mostly some religious groups which I am not interested in. Thanks anyway.

oh there is also meetin.org

Groups are a good way to get started.<br />
Try meetup.com<br />
They have groups for every interest in your city that meet once a month.<br />
There are even groups for shy people!<br />
Go to a meeting and you can meet some cool people for sure.

Darling, you do need to try and get out. I understand completely where you are coming from - and sitting at the other end of the computer giving suggestions is one thing, but to actually do it is another. I to am a very shy, introvert type of person. In my job, I am forced day in and day out to get out of my shell by both workmates and the parents of the children I teach. As much as it scares me, I have taken to approaching people - even in my work places. Ok, going out is different and I admit fully I like having a friend there as a security blanket.. Please do try to socialise, even if it is via video chat - you'll be surprised how much that helps even! Good Luck sweetheart x

being introverted doesn't help.. I know! do you start a new job soon, or school? you will end up meeting new people.. don't make my mistake, when I first started working, I didn't make friends at all.. I was in a new city, new job, no time for old friends and they also had things going on in their lives.. I was totally alone.. all I did was either be at work, or at home.. then I got myself to get a gym membership, and I wouldn't even meet people there (lol) it took me a while but eventually I came across people who I found interesting and knew I'd love to meet them, and "shy me" finally got the courage to open up and meet them! it was probably the best move i've done. <br />
<br />
What do you think is stopping you? aside from being introverted..

I don't know, it's very hard for me to contact other people...I'm a very introverted and shy person and every time I meet a person who is interesting I hope that this person will make the first move, so that we will come in contact...

What's stopping you from getting out into that new city? Sure surfing the net is fine, and I'm guilty of finding easier to express/meet people online that it is in real life - so what's holding you back??