Does Anybody Understand?

does anyone understand how it really feels to be truely lonely? when people around me always seem to have at least one thing in common!! that one thing they can relate to between one another, and memories that they can share, and good nights out partying that they can enjoy, and be happy around friends and family that are enjoying themselves just as much!! then there's me!! im lonely, and not many people understand how i feel, and the only people that do, are people i meet here on ep!!  but in real life, there's nobody that understands how i feel, cos its not through lack of people around me that makes me feel lonely, but its the fact that nobody understands how i feel thats the problem, and there's nobody that i have a lot in common with, cos not many people understand what its like to be truely lonely, cos when your truely lonely, it doesnt matter how many people you have around you, if no one understands you, and if no one has anything in common with you, then whats the point, your still going to feel lonely!!!

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me too, there's no point in trying to explain because they simply have different ideas in their minds and just haven't experienced what I have so I just keep things to myself and get away. It's a shame that everyone in the world can't find people they can relate to all the time.

yes, i have to admit, this definitely sounds like me, and i will check all this out!!! thanks for the info, its much appreciated!!!

There is a free podcast about HSP on<br />
Just search for Ane Weed and it should come up.<br />
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There are also several great books on it by Dr Elaine Aron and blogs such as<br />
<br />
People used to call me "too sensitive" and I though it was a weakness but since I learned about HSP I have turned it into a superpower:)

thanks for commenting *joelisa*!! i have always suspected this of myself, cos i have heard about it, but never been too sure!!! i will check out the website!! thanks!!!

You know, maybe you are a HSP? It is a phsycological diagnosis which means Highly sensitive Person, a genetic trait that just mean you have a more sensitive nervous system than most people. I guess this just because I know a lot of HSPs (and i am one myself) who feel like you describe here. Simply because we don´t relate to people quite the same way, we feel more deeply and want to be closer and feel connected more than others.<br />
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however if you are not an HSP nevermind:) But if you suspect you might be there is a free test on Dr Elaine Arons website. i´m only writing all this because it changed my life drastically when I learned about HSP.

thanks for commenting guys!!<br />
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mtnmig: i understand what your saying, and i know what you mean when you say that kind and understanding people are in short supply!!! i believe that eventually i will find true friends!!<br />
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ondacomeup: yes, being alone does give you the strength to stand alone, i like the way you say it, cos its so true!!!

being alone gives you the strength to stand alone

Cowshed,<br />
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I hear you, but keep in mind that it is easier to find people here that know how you feel when you are talking to people that come to this group 'I am Lonely' for example, because they already share that experience with you. And even here it is those that identify with what you say to choose to respond. If you were to replicate this in your life, it would require that you talk to lots and lots of people.<br />
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It is also easier for people to open up and share their experiences when they can do it when they are ready to and feel like it and more importantly because most remain anonymous. <br />
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I hear you cowshed, I don’t have people in my life that I can really open up to either because their plates are already full with their own troubles or because we don’t have or no longer have that level of intimacy and trust. Kind and understanding people are truly in short supply. Hang in there cowshed and be yourself. In time you will find real friends.