Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

Our logic obviously overpowers what our heart tells us. But even when we know that in our mind we'er wrong about someone..we ignore that gut feeling and try to follow our heart.

Does loneliness play a part in all this? I say, yes. If we weren't so lonely we wouldn't even be looking.

But no matter how many hints are thrown in our face, now matter what we know we believe, we will bash our way through all the lies to try to find a truth that doesn't exist...

The only thing we find in the end is dis-honesty...more pain...more disappointment...

But there's no one there to blame but ourselves. Our constant necessity for affection clouds our minds from reality.

So...why do we do this to ourselves? If we spend our lives trying to avoid the dis-honesty, the pain, the disappointment, why then, in the end, do we put ourselves in the position to recieve all these negative gestures?

Human emotions work mysteriously..and I'll never understand.

I'm opening myself to all that is bad about you...I've dragged myself too far in and now I can't get out...

I can't ask you not to lie, and I can't ask you not to hurt me, because no matter what you say to me you'll always mean the opposite.
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Rose Red,<br />
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Our emotions do seem to trump our logic more often than we would like and our need for companionship does often leads us down a path we knew better to have followed. <br />
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But there is something else. Many of us are more willing to see the better side of people, to believe that what is best in them is the part that will triumph over their weaknesses. The reality is that few people change, even us.

I understand...<br />