My First Story

I am a married mother of two almost grown daughters, i work full time, and take care of my aging mother.

i should really count my blessing , however my lonliness consumes me...

most would consider my daily stresses normal, ive been accused of wanting things to be (fairy tale like) that might be true, however i wonder sometimes

if i could just have a lil normalcy in my life id be ok... my life is full of people and yet i am lonely. people dont understand me. i dont ask nor want much.

maybe someone to take me into consideration when making decisions, make what i say just as important as what they say.

i would just like to be important...... to someone...

jgreeneyes jgreeneyes
41-45, F
3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I understand everyone wants to feel important to someone. Talk to your husband and see if he can help.

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I feel for you. Wanting to have meaningful relationships beyond caring for your daughters and your mother is not asking too much. It is easy to feel estranged when the reasons for what you feel are dismissed as wanting a fairy tale. <br />
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It has been my observation that often parents, especially mothers, take on a role and who they are is lost to the needs of others. It seems it is time for your family to recognize that beyond being mom and a wife you are still a woman with your own goals and aspirations.

Have you spoken to your husband about this?