I don't know whats happening to me? I used to be so outgoing and fun to be around. Now i find myself googleing "lonely people". Im only 26, im not a bad looking guy, but i just have so much trouble meeting people that i connect with.  I was in a commited relationship for 9 years. The girl i was in love with found someone else. I have now been dating someone for 6 months but i still feel alone, like we dont connect. I think i rushed into a relationship due to my extreme fear of being alone, and now i regret it every day. I dont hope to have my true love back, but i would like to find someone that makes me happy. When me and my ex broke up i left all my friends behind.Now im so lonely, even though im not alone. thanks for letting me vent=D.

Digi092 Digi092
26-30, M
Mar 3, 2010