Lonely And Sad

hey my names Alicia im 18. And never realy have a bf.  They  were all online. so i never really known if they had a gf or not. this is why dating online is not a good thing. like id meet alot of guys on a site like myspace,facebook,and sites like that. Then the dude and i would start being friends. then theyd be  a gf/bf . so i met this dude last year online and were still going out . But i keep gettin messages from his "babys mama" so he says. just the other day i was online and she adding me as a friend i kindly decline.  now i keep getting messages like "oh u need to back off cuz were getting married". btw hes 28. so i go back and tell him what she says and he says she slow and that there not getting married.  and well so i believe him. now every time i try to call he wont answer his fone. this is making me mad. so i emailed him today to tell him to tell me the truth. well now gotta wait for him to reply. if he'll reply. i doubt it. i mean wht im getting at is that i have deep feelings dor him but he wont even talk to me to ask him if hes telling me the truth or not. i guess most girls or wemon  would tell me to get over him  but now these days its hard to find a good man that loves u.

so i started cheating on him. and started to see this other guy his name is kyle, now hes 17. and at this  poist im starting to forget john. kyle and i started going out middle of january. i also meet him online ,but this time i ran away to be with him  hes like 45 mins away from where i live.so i spent valentines day weekend with him. he so addorable at this point were haveing so much fun not 1 thought popped about about john. it like he never existed. so go back home valentines day.  he asks me to move in week b4 valentines day. i tell hinm  igotta wait till i graduate he say ok.  then 17 he breaks up with me telling me it not my fault he dosent no whts going on with his family cuz he got people moving in and people popping out babies . i start ballin  i balled for four hrs staight.   so  Why am i always getting broken up with is it cuz im unattaractive or wht.  and im so tire of being lonely and sad  so ladies or males  i need some advice please help me.   u can reach me at   aliciarhine@yahoo.com it will be greatly appricated

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18-21, F
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

Getting a boyfriend is easy, getting a real good man is hard as hell. Don't think badly of yourself because this is what happens to everyone. People play games, they are not honest because they have things to hide and they are not happy because they don't know what they want to make them happy. Being lonely is terrible, it hurts and it lingers in the back of your heart but you have to push it away and ignore it. You will not be alone unless you want to be. You will find a guy one day that is everything and you want and more, if you don't settle. That's what I believe. Don't settle for some loser so you don't feel lonely and don't let past loves keep you down because if you're not with them then it just isn't meant to be. With either John or kyle don't stress if they want you they will let you know and if they don't it's their loss and you just have to wait for a better man to come along.