u ask me why i feel so depressed i cant answer that question. thoughts in my head, darkness around me. simple things that use to bring me pleasure i no longer enjoy. i cant explain how i feel, why am so depressed. the words r lost in my head. my life just feels empty, even though i have 3 great kids n 2 wonderful grandkids. i use to be able to keep the darkness away when i held my perfect granddaughter, but even that doesnt help anymore. so i will laugh, i will smile, i will hide my pain, because even i cant explain, whats wrong. i will keep on pretending to be what they want. but at night when am alone in bed, n thoughts race thru my head, i cry myself to sleep. i just feel so empty inside. i dont feel complete.

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You are loved Bro, never forget that ok. I will be here for you

You can alway join a group on here for lonely people or have at look at my website for lonely people<br />

I'm also with you, you are not alone.<br />
I lay beside my husband everynight with his back turned to me. I go to sleep with tears rolling down my face and he doesn't even know.<br />
Today i found something in my house I think it probably belongs to a woman. It's a Coach Tag from a ladies perse. Gold, beautiful tag. I haven't asked him about it yet cause everytime I ask him a question he gets defensive and it always ends up in a shouting match. I would like to know what some of you ladies would do? It's not mine, or my family or friends.<br />
<br />
I have called all my family and friends to make sure they have not been in my house with a Coach Bag. None of them said, Yes. <br />
<br />
It's not like he found it, it would be all scared and scratched up. This is a brand new gold piece. It was lying at the edge of the wall where he gets undressed for bed. I know it fell from his pocket.<br />
But, I know he will play dumb and ask "what is that?" He always does. What should I do? Go to sleep again tonight crying? I feel so alone and sad. I just cannot win with this man.

destiney24<br />
<br />
you are absolutely not alone in this!!<br />
<br />
you have just put down in cyber space my feelings exactly hun. so know this. you are not without a friend. even if its just a cyber friend. sometimes that's all it takes. x