Everybody Is Feeling Just Like That !!!

I feel like everybody is lonely , but they do not admit it , or at least they dont feel they are , people think it is a weak thing i to feel lonely , I agree with them , if we manage to think loneliness is a bad thing then we move on the next step trying to make friends , but we see people struggling they are lonely and just stop there , I started to join people , to dance , to go occasions , I admit that it is a little alright now , but this feeling of being alone with no love , I mean I have friends now , doing okay with clients and customers , with work buddies , but when it comes to love it seems it is harder to find.

soul2soul87 soul2soul87
22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 6, 2010

well you dont need to feel lonely here! great avatar by the way

I don't think everyone is lonely.