When You Wait Too Long

I recently got out of a bad relationship. You know the kind, you start out as friends and think you have the same goals in life only to find out the other person was faking all along ?

But almost immediately after breaking up I wanted to get back into a relationship just to avoid the loneliness.

They should make a pill for that!

I think this is why so many people stay in bad relationships, to avoid the loneliness.

I have vowed as I have in the past to wait and find just the right person for me but what if I wait too long ?

Is it better to have some kind of relationship even if it is a bad one ?

What seems very funny/sad to me is when I am in a relationship with a women there are always lots of women flirting with me but when you are alone those women seem to not be interested.

Why is that ?

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Hrmmm... neither? :P <br />
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I'm kinda conventional when it comes to stuff like that.. i much prefer being pursued BUT "eager" just sounds too.............eager... :D<br />
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Keen and interested is great.....wanna-carry-my-handbag-for-me-must-see-me-everyday eager is an overkill....it'd scare me away!

Hmmm... well lols <br />
Yes it's fun and with the ego thing, it builds your ego to know that a guy wants you, and you have the choice and the power to say yes or no. I'm not gonna lie i love it xP<br />
But also the chase is kind of fun when he presents it as a challenge. But there is a very fine line to where it becomes annoying and such when the guy acts like he's too good for you and all. But being able to steal a man away from another woman makes the win that much sweeter ( as wrong as I see it )<br />
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so yeah :] that's my take on it :]

Thanks ladies!<br />
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I don't know about the confidence thing because I am always pretty confident and think I act the same whether in or out of a relationship.<br />
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I am thinking most single women look at a guy in a relationship as a better catch because if that women likes him he must be worth more. I also think women like men have an ego and want a challenge and when you can steal a person away it builds your ego.<br />
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Kind of like hunting. It doesn't take any skill to shoot the buck grazing in your yard but if you have to sneak up on one and use all your hunting skills to bring it down then it it all seems worth it.<br />
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So tell me, are you more attracted to an eager guy that tries to get you attention or do you prefer to be the aggressor when looking for a relationship ?

I agree with the confidence level bit from nrskjh and I dont think you should be in a relationship if the person you are with does not make you happy. yeah the loneliness is gonna get to you at times cause of the random little things you'll miss, but I really dont think you can change someone and mold them into something that would make you happy. There are 6,991,165,656 and you are bound to find someone who you are compatible with! Just think of the odds!<br />
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And with waiting for too long for just the right person to come along. I am beginning to think it is better to meet different people and different personalities because you never know just who you can get along with untill you try. <br />
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P.s. they should definietly make a lonely pill xPPPP

I think when you're in a relationship your confidence level is up and women are attracted to that, hence the flirting. As for your qn as to whether it'd be better to be in a rship just for the sake of companionship even if it's a bad one... i'd personally say no. I dunno, the dissatisfaction will always be there even if you choose to ignore it.. sides, it'd make me feel hypocritical i think. And a bad relationship usually = drama.... wudn't be able to deal with that really. But that's just me :)