I Feel Abandoned.

Just as the title states. I do feel abandoned.

After leaving home at 15 because of abuse from my Mother and Her Husband, and my Dad leaving to go to Canada, I feel truely alone. I had a large group of True friends (I doubt the title of True Friends because now they have left me, they want nothing to do with me) yet I still felt alone. I've had plenty of girlfriends, but never kept one for long, as they always complained that when I was with them I would be in my own little world, what I have refered to as my "Lonely State". The thing is my past seems to stop me achieving anything, I've been abused by my own mother (My own Blood) and her husband, abandoned by my Father, I've gone down the dark winding road which is drug addiction, and I've self harmed myself unbelievably loads.

The things is, I have trouble telling people things, though I met this one girl. And I was talking to her, and I accidently mentioned about when I over dosed, I've never mentioned it before to anyone, and it accidently came out. It felt to me like a sign, then I told my whole life story, which she kindly sat there and listened, held my hand, and after I'd finished, she whispered in my ear, "with a friend like me, you can give up drugs, alcohol, you dont need to feel lonely anymore, your problems, are mine. Tell me anything or nothing."

I've know this girl for only a month, yet I think she may just be my turn around :)

Hokori Hokori
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I also feel abandoned I really wish there was someone there for me as there is for you.

This sounds good, I know, but, believe it or not, these things do happen. It's great that she is offering support, which you need, but do not allow her to take the role of handling your problems. She may have issues of her own which mesh with yours. <br />
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When you are abused by a parent, it takes a lot of effort to live a different kind of life. Nurture takes precedence and will not be put down easily. <br />
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The goal must be to have this relationship just as if you were perfectly healthy, perfectly loved, perfectly adjusted. This is to counteract the things that were put into you by the past.<br />
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Finally, everything in your past is not bad, right? So hang on to the things that are good. Do things you are good at. Develop yourself along with the relationship, but depend only on God. Only He can handle all of our pain and problems, even our twisted joy. <br />
This way, you are the focus, not your problems, which are only God's and yours, as it should be. She has her own life to share with you, too, and cannot develop if she is only existing as support for you. It is good, but not if it's the whole relationship.<br />
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Trust God. Enjoy your friend. Boundaries are your friend.