Another Birthday

Another Birthday has gone by for me, which I might add is never a joyful occasion. I am 27 years old, and although I still feel my future is bright, I can not help but have doubts in myself. I can say for myself that I am loney, I think I have been loney since I was a child and in a strange way knew that I would always be loney. I feel it to be a sense of isolation, I feel that I fit into no groups, well I think it is clear that I don't. After nother birthday It just makes me feel like things are not going to change. I am always moving from place to place, always thinking that somewhere else things will be diffrent, but that is not true, because your problems follow you where ever your go.

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too true- problems are always there whether we want them or not. please dont give up- you are gonna be fine and dandy you hear me?! i have never felt like i fitted in to anything and to some extent i still dont 100% feel that i do- until very recently that is- when things started to change. i started to realise that its only the way i feel that makes me be so isolated- i realised that others actually perceived me very differently to how i thought they did.. they didnt dislike me - people are open to you and you dont even know it- i found that all it took was a few text messages to people and they responded positively - people want to be friends and to interact- its how we are... only our perception of ourselves and who we are and how we beleive others think of us makes us feel as isolated as we do and stops us properly seeking friendship or interaction. out of interest- why do you feel it is clear that you fit into no groups?<br />
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I never fitted in with anyone either :[ I know exactly how it feels. I never even been on a date before. Which is sad :[ for me.

i understand being lonely your wholelife. not fitting in. just know u r not alone. i'm here for u. i'm shirley,i'd like to be your friend.