What Do I Do Now ???

My wife left me last Sunday our relationship had'nt been the greatest. Lack of jobs and keeping steady work. Bills piling up. You know the story. The best I was able to do was a sub janitor. She was tired and wanted more.  I had prayed when we got married 11+ years ago we would beable to work togeher and make abetter life for ourselves. It didn't happen.

Monday I got signed up for food stamps. I got on a list for low income housing. I've been talking to everyone and charity and church trying to get help. I don't have any family except for a cat. Don't have many friends either and they are 250 to 300+ miles away. They aren't in much better shape than I am, to make matters worse. All I need is some time so I can get moved up the housing list and I can keep my cat and start over.  Because my cat isn't out going, the humane society told they would have to kill her !! I can't deal with that ! They also told me they would provide food, litter etc for my cat if I'd keep her. My wife wants us out of the house this week if not sooner and her family hired a high powered lawyer to get the job done.  I have going crazy trying to find a job......any job. A place for my cat and I could be together.  I don't care if it's  a storage shed. I have no idea how I'm going to pay car insurance or gas for it. I find my self breaking out and crying. I'm so shakey I can barely type. I'm about to loose my phone and internet. To make matters worse I live in a small town in nowhere Iowa. I don't know where to turn. I've offered to do labor for anyone who'd let me store my stuff and provide a safe place for my cat and I. I keep getting told, "No thanks!"

If it wasn't for my cat I probably would have ended it by now. Like the rest of the world has turned their backs onus.  I got to reading a few of the stories here. To bad I can't get together with one of you. Not for sex  but to share a place, hugs and support. Help each other get on our feet. Sex is the last thing I am interested in right now. I've prayed myself hoarse.What can I do now ? I am scared and haven''t had more than a hours sleep since Sunday. I cant eat and keep anything down. I'm a complete and total nervous wreck. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am more scared than I have ever been !!!!!

Thoughts ?  I am desperate ! My cat is fixed and declawed.She didn't do anything to deserve this.

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I wish you the best of luck, sincerely. Perhaps you could find a Men's Shelter or YMCA in your area. They are wonderful for helping people get back on their feet and for taking them in for shelter, until they are. Perhaps you should try the fast food places like McDonalds. I know it's not much, but it's better than nothing, isn't it?<br />
<br />
God Bless You

nomomisery: I have Esential Tremors. My hands shake quite badly. Schneider National, CRST. A reefer Co. in Salt Lake Utah and several other all turned me down because of that one health condition. I hold a class "B" CDL with airbrake endorsement. I think my health card is expired. Actually What I'd like to do is go back to expediting. After talking with a former boss who owns a number of straight trucks and vans, I gave up on that idea for the time being. To many of his are sitting in truck stops waiting for freight. The smaller guys could care less about my shakes. The bigger ones are concerned it could turn into Parkinsons. Still thanks for the thought !

I wonder if you move out, the wife can use that in a court of law, to say you abandoned her, and she need financial assistance. It may be best to get her to call the cops, and they do the report of wife pushing you out. Once you are out, under that condition, than all you bills around the house is over. <br />
Next, apparantely your wife's family do not like your marriage and is interfering with funding the divorce. If the wife make more money than you, you are intitled to alimoney, or at least not pay bills during the divorce process. It is going to cast a lot of money and over two years time buddy, so think before you act. Like who is really making this happen.