Homeschooled And Lonely

I am just so lonely.I get homeschooled and I hardly see anyone.I am so depressed I have no friends.I stay inside all day and never go out.My life has no sense.I have been forgotten by the world and I've been thinking of cutting myself and of killing me.No one understands me.I told my parents I feel so lonely and they say it's all my fault because I get homeschooled.I am so afraid of normal school.I want to die.Hope i am not the only one going ttrought this.

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I am kind of in the same boat. There is no one else, I don't even have siblings. It does get lonely and I have found myself depressed over it as well. Though, I did retain some friendships when I was in elementary school, so that helps. But, they have their own lives and I am not on their radar, hardly ever. But, I am trying to look on the bright side. I suppose the one good thing for me is that my mom isn't doing the home schooling and that I have tutors who come in and do the teaching. That helps cause I can talk to someone else besides my mom.

Never give up! You might try to go to school. I think it can't be worse than sitting all day home and not meeting anyone.

Hey I understand exactly how you feel. I feel the same way most of the days. I've been through that before and am starting to go through it again! I'm always cooped up all by myself in my house, I don't even go out most of the days. So there's no socialization, nothing. And as time goes on living like this, it makes me lose even more confidence and scared to be in the outside world and just stay stuck in my house hidden. I really need to get a job but am so scared. And parents, yeah they will just tell you oh you don't need anyone, why are you lonely, you will get through it, you don't need friends to feel not lonely etc etc..nobody really understand how it feels...being alone all day everyday. It's living hell, no socialization. We humans are meant to be social creatures. But hang in there sweetie, hopefully after you finish this homeschooling you will go to college and there, well I don't know if you've been to public school which high school has been the worst for me and I couldn't finish because of my social problem, you will do better. Nobody really judge you in college, you can be yourself and you can easily meet people. If you have to get a job, start working and you will definitely meet people there too. It helped me. I've felt depressed about it and always thought about just kiling myself, wishing I was dead, I have nothing to live for living this way..but we just have to be patient. I believe if you're just cooped up in your house nothing will come your way, you gotta go out there and soon you will go through life changing experiences, meet many people good or bad, and gain opportunities. If you need to talk, I'm here for you. Til then take care.