I ****** Up And Now Im Alone

im 15. turning 16 and like 2 months. soph in high school. i dont go to school wit my friends cause i got expelled for possestion. im funny in class and have friends but on friday and saturday nights im lonely. i try to hang out with everyone cause i have about 5 different groups of friends. so they all feel that i occastionally hang out with them and to them im not a "regular friend" to any of them. right now its 10:17 on a friday night. ive been in my house all day scince i got home at about 2. i should have just picked one group of frieds to chill wit but **** no, i had to be wit everyone and now no one ever calls me. seriously 4 people from my school died in the last month. i probly have the best chance of being the 5th. but i love life so much i just hate being lonely. seriously FML!!!

effmylife16 effmylife16
2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I am old enough to be your father so I know I have a totally different view then you do but my suggestion would be to choose a group and become a regular in it. When choosing, you want a group that you can feel good fitting into but one with a future. It is easy to fit into the worse elements in life but try to look at the future and see if that is where you want to be in 10 or 20 years. On the other hand, some of the people who are on a "good" path can be too "preachy" (is that a word?) So try to find one that has a positive future but one that you can have fun in.

hahhaha....hahahha.....sucks to be you...na J/P well dude ..you got something its better then nothing...idk love your story love to get high with you good luck