Broken Heart Forever Tormented

lets see my name is jonthan and im 20. I lost the love of my life 2 years ago and havent been able to find someone else ever since. How does someone continue living without  that special bond. I have been contemplating suicide, but then its selfish and you go to hell and  blah blah blah. I personally fill this deep hole. Its not that i cant find someone attractive, thats not my problem. No my problem is way worse, there inside is not the same. They just dont connect with me, the way another person should connect. I fell hard for my ex and i've been dealing with depression for sometime now. So if anyone would like to hear my storie, i'm more than happy to tell!

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I wanted to say, thank you to mommy 1978. I have a sister that is in a similar situation and she was with her boyfriend for 10 years. My heart goes out to you. I honestly think some people, don't realize the impact they have on each other. I also think having kids is a blessing, I sometimes think that if I had kids I would have less choices. But to be honest, I don't think I will ever have kids. This world is already full of torment of all sorts.My heart truly goes out to you. I have written my story, its titled heartbroken forever tormented. When ever you get a chance, I would love to hear you input thanks!

hello, sounds like you are trying to move on too quickly and youre hoping to meet someone who is basicly going to fill the same gap as the person you lost. unfortunately i think you have to deal with your depression before you can get a good connection with someone else. you need to face your loss properly and the depression. talking will help- so will doing. lots of doing with lots of people- when i say doing i mean going out, get some pet fish, go to a museum, join a club/gym- be where other people are. it will fill your time with positive experiences that will make you feel good about yourself. the better you feel about yourself the more confident you will become in your own ability to move on and be happy again. i would be happy to talk to you more- if you want to tell me more of your story i am here. if you need me to motivate you to do then i can do that too! let me know x

i know how you feel hun. my hubby and i are divorcing afyer a 15 year relation ship. i have contemplated suiside also...thank goodness for my children or i know i would not be here writing this to you now. i would like to here anything you have to say. alot of ppl here would. im here for you