Seconds To Minutes To Hours

Im an only child for my mom. Its just me and her. My mom is like my bestfriend. I feel like my mom is a true blessing. For most of my life ive had friends but never alot that were true or Real. I was teased alot when i was younger and often outcasted. I didnt accept myself so my surroundings never accepted me. The only way i got attention was because of the way i looked. Other than that i was socially challenged growing and found it hard to relate to people. Im in college now and i have grown and changed alot. Im starting to turn alot of my negativity around and love myself but i still feel bored with myself and life. Im at hoome all the time i got to school but ugh its a boring routine. I have friends but i gess its not the way i want it to be. Like a group of bffs or girlfriends. I had boyfriend but that only worked out for 3 months n he was no good. Whats wrong with me. I feel unhuman..i fell like i cant connect with many ppl. I lost all motivation to try to go out and do activities or to even apply for a job plus they also take money which i dont have..... So instead i sit on the couch watch tv or stay on the computer and watch the lives of others while mine is getting wasted by the second, the minute then hours...I know I  will be my change just dont know when.

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Don't get too discouraged. A lot of us need a break from the pressures of socializing now and again.<br />
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Just consider it a vacation for just you. You'll be back to finding yourself interested in socializing again. To every time there is a season!