I Don't Live In A Town

I live in a really rural area. I wake up, and look out the window, and there are cornfields. The cornfields go on for miles. There aren't really a lot of people around, understandably, but it can make a body feel kind of isolated.


Or a lot of isolated, after a while.

PikeMinnow PikeMinnow
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

@kim11 Haha, my hobbies are pretty much running, running, music, more running, and computer.<br />
in a nutshell: things you generally do by yourself<br />
<br />
@mynameisalex I wish I could move, I've never moved in my life and can't wait to get out of here and meet someone or get a friend and just have a blast.

hi pikeminnow.I was sorry 2c u feel all alone it happens to the best of us.Sometimes u can be in a family and still feel all alone.I have spent a great part of my life feeling alone.Having raised kids by myself that may seem hard 2 understand.We all feel alone from time 2 time but do u have any hobbies,do u go 2 school or do u work.Life is a rollercoaster and we have to ride it we dont get to jump off when its to hard.Try to involve urself in activities that will take ur mind off ur feelings.In the end you will meet someone and then u will feel different..Life is worth living the going just gets tough sometimes but u r never completely alone.Chin up mate it will work out 4u