All Alone

i have always been socialy awkward and a few years ago i final got into a realtionship admittedly not the heathest one i experienced many things and now it has all ended and i find myself all alone again i want to talk to girls i want to find some one who will love me for me i was thinking a while back before the relationship ended if we were to get married who would i invite i have no friends i wouldnt even have a best man and i couldnt think of a single person to invite a few people at work were saying how lucky i was that i didnt have a girlfriend to hassal with any more and how i could troll the field chicks but i dont have the courage nor the skills and you have no idea how cruel it was to hear someone tell you how lucky you are to be alone when all you long for is someone to care if i were to die now i dont think anyone would find out untill the bank came to repo my car all i want is some one to love me

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3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Samantha I do agree with u! aam new here yet I have seen so much support and understanding from many people that I really care for and they really care for me! we get attached 2 each other and we r always here 2 support each other!

thanks for commenting i always logon to myspace hopeing that someone would reply this is the first time any one has thanks

I know how u feel! but its ok! u will be ok! just be urself, be open minded, funny and willing 2 have a relationship and everything else will fall into its place! try talking more 2 people and getting out more 2 know more people maybe u could make good friends who r looking for a good friend just like u r looking for them! I wanna b ur friend here and I fully support u! ur not alone!