i dont even know why im writing here today. i guess im still upset at what happened... yesterday i was a mess but i think ive moved on a little bit.

so recently well more like a week ago, i met this really really reallyyyy cute guy. and he was so nice. i really liked him. and i think he liked me to. he asked me to dance and everything and we talked for hours. but i added him on facebook and messaged him.. no reply. and i know hes been on. i know i shouldnt be upset because ive only met him once. but i really wanted to meet him again. like i got my hopes up and everything. ughhh and it really sucks. yesterday i was really bummed out but now im just angry. like why would you lead someone on and then not reply. its just stupid. and to make matters worse, all of my friends are having all these great relationships. they all have their own guy and they've met these great guys... and then theres me. its just honestly makes me feel so alone. like i dont have anyone to talk to like they do. i was really excited for this guy  but i guess that was a waste :( and to make things better, this is the second guy in which that has happened with. i dont really care about the first one, but with the recent guy, im really upset. ughh sorry for the rambling, let me know what you guys think :)

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1 Response Mar 25, 2010

with the internet, you really never know what someone is thinking. don't get too ahead of yourself, and just take things slow. remember that people are usually friends first, so if you treat him like that, it might not be as intimidating next time you see him online, haha.<br />
<br />
i hope this works out for you, in whichever path it takes!