Lonely In Auburn,ca. But Still So Buisy I Cant Get Away.

It is so weird, I am so damn lonely but so damn busy that I cant seem to get anything done or get my head together.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with past projects and work to be done that if you had a team of several you would still not get it done. And its only me trying to do it all. It is a never ending task. I know that I will never get it all done but I still move slowly forward while watching the mountain grow in front of me. I feel like I am trying to climb a mountain that is growing faster than I can climb. But I must keep climbing no matter what.

I need help getting things done around the house but have no cash to hire help. I have my 7 year old to take care of at the same time. she is out of school for over 2 weeks for Easter vacation. Do they ever go to school for a whole month anymore? Mine has time off each month. Wish it was like that way back in the old days when I was at school.

I tried to find someone of my era and loneliness online hoping to get a break and someone to talk to but found only sex dating sites and the like. Not what I am looking for. If life was that easy, just get laid and everything will be O.K.  Maybe it is for some, but unfortunately not for me.

If anyone out there is around 50 years old and in my area and wants to just have someone to talk to (while I work around the house) I would love to have your company. I am a blues and Rock (Hendrix, SRV,LedZep and the like) and always have a great supply of herbs (medicinal of course) on hand.

I am getting to become to much the hermet, I know its not good. Soon I will forget about meeting another human for friendship. Not good for my little one to see. I would Love to have a motherly and loving companion or just a great friend for her to see her father with. It would be a great experience for her and me.....


Sorry, spilling to much here. Will pull back now.......


Anyone near by, stop by and relax and talk....


auburnplay auburnplay
46-50, M
Mar 31, 2010