Its FRiday tommorrow and i want to go out and party like everyonelse my age but i have no friends to do that with. im sick of staying in every weekend i feel like im wasting my life away. its depressing me. i suffer from severe anxiety disorder so i find it hard to make new friends etc so i cant win. i feel so sick inside it hurts. i just want to be like everyonelse and go out with good friends and have a good time im so lonley and isolated right now you dont understand how alienated i feel. i only have confidence when drinking alcohol. whats some suggestions i could do. i dont even watch tv now because im so sick and bored of it thats all there is to do in the house. it dosent help when i log into my social networking sites to see everyone posting pictures with their friends on a weekend at clubs and having a good time. suggestions please? i feel like crying im so depressed im only young and sick of feeling like this wasting my life away day by day draggin in and nothing to wake up to.
pinkglitteress pinkglitteress
26-30, F
1 Response May 15, 2014

Just don't look at those social sites cause seeing your friends post pics on their will only make you feel worse,pick up a hobby,bowling,Pilates class,painting if your artistic?