Another morning,again the same empty house the same tv with the old movies and boring shows..a phone which doesnot ring,a whatsapp with no messages, busy parents and a bf who dont care to return my calls...its 10 in morning and i m in my bed again trying to sleep but i can't...tried to concentrate on some music but even it didn't help..Tried to stick to my favourite books... i was reading but i didn't understand a word i was reading...i m speaking to myself...crying aloud..can someone tell me some way to get some sleep
sundale0312 sundale0312
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 20, 2015

Depression is a real feeling and it can be helped. First thing is get out of bed, find some physical thing to do even a brisk walk with release endorphin's in your body which will help you feel more alert and mentally better. If depression is bad enough, medicine is a viable alternative. If you just want to talk IM me. Mike

Thank you..yes me too think that fresh air can clear my head😊