Why Do People Just Say It !?

Things i thought were getting better but they aren't!This girl and me got in a fight idk how she just started to swear at me!Know she is making lies up and yelling at me for no reason!I wish she didn't excise and guess what things get worse!I want to hang out with these 2 girls and were talking and they start to whisperer in 1 another ears and then ditch me!!!!!!It's just like if u don't want to hangout out with me just say it it will hurt my feelings but not as much as u running away from me!!!!! It like you no what just say if u don't want to be my friend instead of running away from me each time!!!!!! But tell me why so i can tell u that i lie or it true!!! help me some 1!!!!!!!!!
makanze12345 makanze12345
13-15, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2012