Lonley And Insecure

Well put it this way.........the last relationship i had ended bad.......she cheated on me and then told me....she asked simple questions "did you think about breaking up with me","are you mad at me".... i loved her and didnt wanna lose her....i lied said exactly opposite of how i felt........later on a breakup occured she couldent take the "stress"......i was enraged i trated her so well one mistake ruined it all.......one mistake took our love and broke it in two.........never will i sink so deep in a relationship so fast im never gonna be in a relationship again girls dont see me as anything..........im nothing in this world.......in my mind im a guy with a heart with scars and waiting for that one girl to take my breath away....girls see me as someone who is nothing.....im lost and never being found im never gonna find "that" girl...... no but i get to walk around seeing these lucky guys with girlfriends and im just alone nobody will ever like/love me........nobody
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5 Responses Nov 29, 2012

That's not true I'll be your friend you can talk to me anytime you need someone to talk to

That girl was wrong for doing that 2 u, but u have to forget it, my grandma always says, "love is love." And she's right, that's all it is. I'm alone too, but weirdly I like it because I know no one can hurt me if I don't have anyone to hurt me. You just have to pick yourself back up and brush yourself off. It might take a while, but that's ok. Healing takes time.

I love everybody.... Okay that bull, but I do like everyone until they prove to be unlikable. I like you, you seem nice, and I'm sure there's some girl out there with the same experience and heartbreak just waiting for someone like you to understand how it feels.

Yea i know how you feel .. My last relationship didnt go as well either :/ I got cheated on and all the drama started and it hurt so bad .. i dont know how to put it into words :( I just wish love wouldnt hurt so much but .... i guess i never said yes to the right guy yet :/

*coughs* well!!! I think its safe to declare that girl was SOOOO wrong for leaving you! Your everything in^ this world! And in my mind, your an amazing sweet caring loving guy with a big but hurt heart that needs to be fixed!!! And hey! I'm a girl and I don't see you as nothing. Nothing+you= impossible! Unless you were putting that there's nothing wrong with u! And finally, I like u!!!! Your shoo wrong in this story!! :) have better days:3