And Its Passions

and is so becoming.. with you.

Well, you can read the rest...

If you are a true romantic woman and you don't just fantize about it, write to me and I will send you a unique poem,  that no man can write unless he has  the experience the romance of love.

What I'm used to ....your  sweet surrender to a passionate love, to me, its about being there for each other to meet our needs/wants.


I'm well known to really inspire you.... and take you.  :)

Well, the right woman.  :)

Do you belong to what is being to taught by society that submission to YOUR GOOD MAN ONLY, is  being inferior or MAKES you less valuable as a human being?

Or is your submission out of respect, affection, out of love and being the get along type.

Cannot love be so overwhelming for you? That you give  yourself to...the masculine of love and it's passions you surrender for more.. being the feminine of love.


Why does society say you can have anything you set your heart?  But not the true romantic expressions of love?  ummm.

Is the romance of love just a fantasy and you don't believe this could happen?


Then... please move on!!!

I came on the internet to find that unique woman... that will let her feminine ....go... completely.... inspired I inspire YOU. 

This takes a mature woman and is preferred.

For me, Romantic love in its true passion and it's glory has never been a fantasy since I was thirteen.

But had to wait till about this age and keep my virginity till my present age, so that I can stay within the romantic expressions of love.

 So I am not a virgin to romantic love in it's full expressions... but this has only been with very few women since thirteen, without penetrating her....  physically. All though I am not a virgin to pleasure, I am a virgin to intercourse.

Mancaringlove ...and strength there of... is to be...overwhelming you.  :)




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2 Responses Jul 27, 2007

umm it takes a romantic to know a romantic!

Wow you are really a true romantic and I think there should be more guy like that today.