I Would Like A Best Friend That I Can Share Stories With And Feel Comfortable With.

The reason I came to this site is because I would love to have a best friend.  I have not had a real best friend since the eight grade.  What I have is family and some friends and a boyfriend.  I would just really like to connect with another girl around my age who would understand me, and who I could understand in return.  Sometimes in life you can feel so alone, and I feel that having another girl to talk to and share feelings with could fill in a space that is missing from me.
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i would not mind being your best friend

Maybe I can help. :)

I thought I was the only one not having a bestfriend... although having a boyfriend is somehow like having the bestest friend there's still something about looking for a girl best friend, someone who will go cray cray with you and all.. were on a same boat. I hope we could be friends, too!

Hi. I am not really a member here but I was googling some stuff. And I read your story. I am kind of in the same situation. I have some friends but no best friend. I am new to this and I have no idea if we will be best friends but I would like to be your friend. Knowing that you are not alone is a comforting feeling.

Hey, kinda know what you mean. Although I'm a guy, I'm the kinda the same way. I haven't had a best friend since 8th grade cause my best friend since 5th grade, who, I did everything with, started hangin out with other people, and just thought he was better than me. Like, you, I have friends and family, but no best friend. I miss havin a best friend cuz he always had my back and I had his, if ya get what i mean =/

I agree totally. I try my best to not judge others by what is on the outside :) But everyone is different in how they perceive others.

I think people just judge other to fast by how they look or what they do without really seing who they a.

It sounds like we have a bit in common :) And right now, shopping sounds like a lot of fun! I do miss those kinds of things with girlfriends. Why do you think it is hard for some people to connect in that sort of way?

Hi, I know how your feeling. I had a great friendship while i was growing up, we did everything together but then high school came and after a while i could feel the friendship was gone i wasnt good enough for her friend they didnt like me i was different, everything we had went gone just like that. After that i had problems through high school with friends, really hard to trust people, bad things happened but im doing ok but i do miss having someone to hang out with. I have a boyfriend and he great he love me for me he know and understand me but just having a friend who you can talk to, go shopping with just do all those things i feel i missing. Im just looking for a friend someone to talk to and reading what you wrote sound like how i have been feeling, sorry if i said to much, hope to hear form you :)