Looking For An Honest Always Got Your Back Bff

Hey to you all out there, My name is Candii and I am looking for a true bestie. Although I have a male bestie in real life it would be great to have a female bestie. You know can share things with, go out with, travel, party basically everything. The problem seem to have with women is that they act like they have my back, but the reality of it they are just jealous of me. I have been there for people all my life, 27 years old by the way. No matter what it was I was always there, having financial problems and I'm able to help I would. If you was having relationship problems would let you vent and be that shoulder to cry on...etc. As for me I never had the same luck, it was always you just think you better than everyone. Why do people like you more than me, look how you dress and act. It was no different in the work place, they smiled in my face stabbed me in the back. I guess I'm just that woman to be hated on. Bestie...are you out there?? Do you love to cook, sing, rap, dance, write, travel. If so then I would love to get to know you. Oh I am Jamaican and British so I am very diverse and love to learn new cultures and anything different....:))
CandiiDarling CandiiDarling
1 Response Sep 21, 2012

Hello There! What area are you in? I totally understand where you are coming from in your posting. I don't get why some females are like that!

Raleigh/Durham, NC