Need Someone

Hi there ..
I'm looking for someone to talk to,, don't care about sexuality, nationality or any racist classification you've got there -I'm an Arab, so it can't get more racist than that =P -
just anyone to talk to all the time,, who can hear my stories, issues, know about my life, get to know me and vise versa..
Hmu wherever you are =)
Lizzy494 Lizzy494
3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Hey can I be your friend? I'm just like you.

I'm hear for you :) talk about anything you want.

Hey lonelyguy
Really appreciate it ,, and it would definitely be nice to talk to you

:) if you wanna talk anything about your issue just PM me

Will do x)

Couldn't view your profile to pm you =S

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Hello :) My names Andrea. So what kind of music do you like?

Hey :D
Rock , but I'm open to listen to any kind of music if I like the song itself ;)

I like rock too ^^ like everything from ac/dc and pink floyd to nirvana and slipknot, soad. but i like pop too, hbu?

Everything you've just said <3.<3
Alongside with my chemical romance, black veil brides, evanescence, 30 seconds to mars and so on-I love a lot of bands- :p
I just listen to whatever attracts me from hardcore, punk, electric to pop and dance music