I Miss My Best Friend But Now Shes Not My Best Friend

i'm sad,, i'm really feel alone,,after my friendship its over,,everything looking so suck and bored,, i have many friend, but no one can bee a good friend like she.. but i have too leave her because want to take care my name,, people did't like her..she know bout that, but she still same,,i also trying to change her attitude,, but she still same,,sometime i always feel she not a good friend,,so i leave her,,but went i thinking it again,,she are the good and the best friend that i never have,,i know she also sad bout this..i know she miss me too,,but i cant be with her again,,i did't want back to her,, or she want back to me,i will never take back,,,however i miss her,,i hope i have a new best friend better than she...
zleen64 zleen64
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

I would give advice for maybe keeping the friendship but ur clearly done...so on to the next.. if u go to clubs or parties i say do it to the max now. Break out ur shell to start new memories