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My name is Tiffany, I've lived in the Houston area for about 3 years now. I grew up in Northern California my family still reside there. I miss having night outs with friends, weekend with friends, I have no one to go too. Time married and have a daughter. Mom friends would be ideal, but I'm not picky:-) I'm 23, I feel like I still have so much time left and I hate spending it indoors. Best friends guy or girl I don't care. I just ,miss having a best friend..
TiffanyEast TiffanyEast
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4 Responses Dec 16, 2012

lets be friends!!!:)

Ahh... If only I lived in California.. I'd be a singer... but I live in Greece. Too bad! :

Try going to church and join a small group.

I can relate to that

How so?