I Am Looking For A Best Friend

So i'm 19, I had a best friend of 13 years and she pretty much abandoned me recently, and i haven't talked to her since. I'm just looking for some one to talk to about the random-est things and stuff we like. I'm really nerdy so it's hard to find someone that doesn't think i'm a total bore. I just want to skype, and go on tumblr, and talk about disney movies, and get angry over video games and introduce each other into really cool stuff we like and can be sarcastic. it doesn't matter where in the world my new best friend is i just want to find one around my age
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Plz hook me up on Facebook victor solari or BBM 24f2a1c8

what video games do you like?

Hi. I'm 19 too. I'm from Dubai. Do you watch YouTube videos ? I think YouTube is probably the most awesomesauce website on the internet. I follow a lot of YouTubers. I also watch a lot of tv shows. I'm a guy, so I'm not really into Disney movies. And oh, I play the guitar. :)

u can be ur friend .
the person i have treated as my best friend wasn't feel the same about what i expected and it's really worst. I don't even have a guts to tell her how important she is until it came out treated her as my bestfriend will not work anymore. I;m over with it :D

What's your favorite Disney movie? Mine is Tangled.

I just lost my two friends today. They said that I needed to start sitting with different people instead of always relying on them. It made me angry because that wasn't true so I kind of started yelling at them. Then BAMM!! Now we are not friends anymore. I started crying when I got home from school. They were never good friends from the start anyway so I found this site and thought I might make some new friends. It might stop me from feeling so depressed and lonely.

I found this and thought it reminded me a lot of my own personality. I am always talking about the most randomest things. I love Disney movies! I watch crossovers of Disney movies on YouTube and want to make my own one day. I love playing video games, I pretty much got every gaming program that exists. Oh, and I am 16 years old, turning 17 next month. Probably should have mentioned that first, lol. Hope we can become good friends. :)

diggin ur story :] maybe we can be friends!

I love Disney movies!!! maybe we should talk!!!:) mail me please!!:)

Hiii!!! well I can really relate to what your feeling right now my best friend just recently replaced me and you can not imagine how horrible that felt, and well i'm very nerdy as well so I doubt a lot that I will find you boring so if you ever want to talk about the randomist things :D so just mesaje me so I can give you my Skype.

Hi! Sorry to hear about your best friend! If you want to chat I'm here, but maybe we can e-mail! Because of the time change I might have some problems chatting on skype:)