Need a Bff to Share Secrets Hang Out With New In the Area and Dont Have Any One Beside Family

I need someone who I can hang out with talk about the men in our lives, go to dinner, shopping or just sit at home and drink wine and gossip ...

Some one who will look out for me and I for them .. you know REAL GIRLS.

DaBreezie DaBreezie
5 Responses Jan 1, 2009

What Is ur location

Hi! I know how you feel! I can't remember the last time I had a friend call me to tell me what she thinks about a new song or to arrange to do something in the weekend! Unfortunately I don't think we live in the same area! :) but if you want a pen pal please write me!

Where do you live ?

I miss having a best friend too. I have nice friends but we arent close. I havent had a real best friend in years. The older you get the harder they seem to come by. All my girl friends have disappeared into the their relationships (a trait that we girls have that I HATE) and my guy friends are great but they are GUYS they dont understand all the emotional needs women have lol (and they also dont like to go shopping or get manicures).<br />
<br />
I hope now in 2009 we can all find some best friends. Would be nice...

I know what you're saying! I just moved to a new state, and know no one other than family. I've been yearning for a friend lately too....