I just want a best friend who'll be here with me and deal with all my crap and just accept me for this whole mess I am. I am really difficult, this is a sort of warning. But I hope that if you respond to this, that you'll never give up on me no matter how impossible I am, because all I need is love and friendship from someone.
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Hi. I Am The Same Way. But It Will Be Ok. Just Pray And Ask For The Good Things To Come Into Your Life. :)

Am in Kenya and am ready to be your friend +254714367676

I can be ur bestfriend, If u ever need to tlk to me i will be here no matter what time day or night jus message me

I can be a friend that will accept u for who u r. Be there for u wen u need to talk no matter how difficult u get. I don't judge just accept someone for the person they r. I hope u respond n hope that we can have that friendship ur looking for.

I got what you looking for, and more.

same here, i think we would make great best friends hmu!!!

hi you like to have asian friend?

i am a good frinend for you

I had best friends in the past and one of my best friends friend came to our school and took her away from me and everyone started to turn against because they left me out so I ended up being by myself. My mum always said there will always be someone out there that understands u , they mite be right in front of u but u just don't know that yet.

Heyy :)
I'm ( too ) looking for some new friends to share things with them :)

I completely have no problem to be your friends
you can contact me anytime you want

In order to have a friend one needs to know how to be a friend! Give as much or more as you take from the relationship! ♡

If you don't mind my being much older than you, I'll be your friend anytime....

I'm a loyal friend and a good listener, if you'd like message me.


you can get a good friend and be a good friend in your real life too only if you allow yourself. Things get crazy sometimes, but all gets resolved when we start accepting and forgiving things. believe me i have learnt that the hard way. :) i guess you had gone down the same path and given up.. **** happens sometimes. cannot control everything >_< if u want a friend, im here :)

I can be your friend...but I am difficult too. So it would be interesting to see if it works. I am a real good friend but if I don't feel appreciated I just walk away...

Thats exactly all i need . im adopted im 17 . I never really felt loved by anyone before , all i want is a bestfriend .

then dance for me;]

I'll be your friend! I feel the same way

I'll be your friend.

me me