I had a Best Friend from 2008 - 1013. I had been homeschooled all my life, but my Senior year of High School I decided to take a couple classes at the public school so we could hang out more often (she almost always had after school things to do, especially with it being our senior year and she was getting things set for college). Anyways, Senior year she wasn't showing any effort towards our friendship anymore. We got in a huge fight and stopped talking up until this past Summer. Now she is back in my life, but of course it's been a few years and we don't live near each other anymore, and she's still as busy as she was before. I don't have any real friends in my life, just family as well as my Boyfriend. I love him and my family, but I want an ACTUAL Best Friend. A girl I can talk to about anything and will stick by me no matter what. I miss having an in person friend to hangout with whenever wherever. So if anyone wants to talk in general, or if anyone lives nearby and wants to be friends, that would probably make me the happiest.... I don't know if this will make things any better, but I suppose it can't make things worse.
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I too am just looking for a girl friend that I can talk to about anything that would also listen to me no matter what. And I'd like to talk and get to know you as well so please feel free to message me :)