Hello!... sooo... i am really looking for a best friend...
a little about me - I am 18 years old girl from Latvia ready to end high school this year. I haven't had real best friends for quite a while now.
Also, I want to go to study to Japan next year and I hope there would be someone crazy enough to come with me :D actually, I feel like I would get lost all by myself, so it would be nice to have a friend with me :) ( it would be good if you are a girl too, so we could be great best friends! )
So, if you are finishing high school this year and you are not sure what to do after - you are welcome to come with me on a crazy adventure to Japan and be my new best friend !!!!!!
thank you for reading this :)
Please write me back if you would be ready to come with me!
If you are ready - we can talk all the details in a private chat :)
Liiga Liiga
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 29, 2016

just friends if u r looking into that