Searching For A Best Friend

First of all,  I want to start off saying that I am a easy going person and fun to be around. I am mostly a shy person sometimes

due to the fact that I have a Social Phobia and anxiety and that I don't get out and about around other people to talk to them.

I always wanted a friend to be there for me through thick and thin and show me how much they care and do things together

and keep in touch with. I like to find someone close to my hometown or perhaps in the Henderson, KY area or any part of TN or KY

furthermore. I am just looking to find someone that can understand how I feel and also go places and we could have fun just

being my best friend for life.

ladycherokee92 ladycherokee92
41-45, F
1 Response Mar 16, 2010

Well I wish I lived closer to you,,,,I live in Arkansas,,,,my sister lives in TN, Cleveland,,,and I have a brother in Fairfeild OH.,,,,well I hope that you can find some one close so y'all can go places and see things that inspire your spirit,,,,maybe someday you could come here and visit me,,,and we could go and dig crystals,,,or maybe a drum circle,,,well that is if your interested in that kind of thing,,,,well hope you find what you need,,,,Love and Light sister,,,,,Mary